Kati Wolf is stepping on the stage as the 5th performance tonight at Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Final in Düsseldorf. Watch it live on tv or online.

Keep your fingers crossed for Kati Wolf and vote for her! It's going to be an extremely important and exciting night!

Did you miss the first semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2011 last night? We are extremely proud of Kati Wolf who's going to the final held on Saturday. Congrats!

Watch "What About My Dreams" again below!

Congratulations to Kati Wolf on her performance and huge success she had tonight in Düsseldorf, Germany, with her hit single "What About My Dreams".

The European audience was absolutely amazed and Kati got into the final to be held this Saturday night by gaining so many votes that got her into the top 10.

Tonight is the first Semi-Final of Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Click here to watch the show live. Keep your fingers crossed for Kati Wolf, and vote for her to get here into the final!

Please find all details about the show and how to vote by clicking here.

Kati Wolf and the Hungarian Eurovision team... and their red carpet photos at the official welcome party are now available on Kati's Facebook page.

Click here to view the exclusive shots!